Run And Think

The game is a short fast paces 3d puzzle-platformer with minimalist graphics, consisting of few short easy puzzles anyone can overcome. The game is score based, the faster you run and lose less lives, the bigger the score. But watch out! Time is running out, if time ends before you get to the end, you get less score. The puzzles and game can be overcome with different solutions, figure out which way is the fastest you self. Game is self explanatory, and makes player think a little - "What to do now?", on each little puzzle. So to say, player must run and think in the same time, thus the name.
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Web browser with special plugins or packaged apps
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
For sound effect generation, tool was used. For color scheme generation was used. For main character Unity3Ds project's "Stealth" robot animations, model and textures were used. For music library was used. Everything else consists of basic Unity shapes, like cubes and planes, and simple defuse materials. And of course - for scripting "google" and brain was used. :)
Installation Instructions: 

Install Unity web player:
Launch build.html and play!


Putting the game together: Jānis Skuja and Artis Krams
Main character model/textures/animation: the robot from - THANK YOU SO MUCH UNITY!
Sound effects: Generated by (they don't want any credits, but that program is awesome)
Background music:

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