Rule 34

Rule 34 is a co-op game about maximising each other's pleasure to win. The GGJ 2015 theme was "what do we do now?" So, in our game we literally ask "what will you DO now?". Players take turns selecting sex toys to satisfy their partner. Succeed and you will reach sexual nirvana. Fail and your sex life may be over FOREVER. HOW TO PLAY - There are 12 attributes that characters may either dislike, like or be indifferent to - Each toy satisfies three attributes - At the beginning of each game, character preferences for specific attributes are randomly assigned - ...whereby each player is assigned 4 attributes that they like, 4 that they dislike and 4 that they are indifferent to - Players start with a Satisfaction score of 10. The aim is to get BOTH players' Satisfaction up to 20 - If either player reaches 0, the game is over - Players take turns selecting toys in order to uncover the hidden attribute preferences of their partner - For each attribute that they get right, they add +2 to their partner's Satisfaction - For each attribute that they get wrong, they lose -3 from their partner's Satisfaction - Choosing a toy with an attribute(s) that their partner is indifferent to has 0 effect on their Satisfaction Enjoy :)
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MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Code: Marc

Art & sound: Kyle

Character portraits: Paul

Music: Pornosonic

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