ZDR set out to be a SimCity/Tower defense hybrid game with networking. Build a city which supports towers that shoot at waves of zombies. Players can work together to share resources and make agreements to pay others in return for defending their base. By the end of the Saturday, we realized that the game was somewhat overly-ambitious considering the half-complete engine we had and the lack of team members. In its' uploaded form, the game simply loads a tilemap over the local network. A player can be the game server, and other players can connect to server's IP address.
Jam year: 
MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix
Technology Notes: 
The game is written using Love2D which is a lua-based graphics framework for games that works on Windows, Mac and Linux. We used a partially-complete, pre-existing engine (built upon the Love2D framework) made by some of the team members beforehand. We built upon the engine to complete features needed for this game (like a tilemap and networking). The programmers mostly used ZeroBraneStudio to edit the project with. We used git and Bitbucket to collaborate our code and artwork. Artwork was done mostly using MSPaint and later fixed with GIMP to add transparency. We did not use any audio/music files.
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