Remember your way!

Using the Arduino software and the Charlieplexing technique we are able to build a handheld gaming device which not only uses little power but is also portable! It's goal is to make the dot move from the left bottom corner to one of the opposite walls. There's only one way which will be randomly generated in the beginning and shown to the player for a few seconds. If the player makes a wrong move he will start at the bottom left corner again. He can only go up or right. Ever time he does a move the player will ask himself: "What do I do now?"
Jam year: 
MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix, Other digital platform
Technology Notes: 
10x9 LED Matrix, Charlieplexed. 10 Pins for Display, 1 Pin for 2 Buttons. Arduino MEGA for v.1PWM, Arduino Uno/other for v.1DIG.
Installation Instructions: 

Build it. Run it. Play it.


Alpay Yildiray & Moritz Rocker

Source files: