Re-Cycled: A Space Junk Odyssey

Re-Cycled: A Space Junk Odyssey was created for Global Game Jam 2015 in St. Louis, Missouri at the University of Missouri St. Louis. The creation team consisted of Lindsey Bailey, Sam Crouch, Rachel Harvey, JT Strong, and Isaac White. Audio clips provided by Jayson Jennings, Jeff Alyanak, and This game shows a possible future of Earth if people continue to discard their waste irresponsibly. Please Recycle.
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Can I Try?
Relatively Speaking
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
GameMaker (any product)

Re-Cycled: A Space Junk Odyssey

Lindsey Bailey: Lead Digital Artist
Sam Crouch: Concept Artist and Level Design
Rachel Harvey: Story line and Level Design
JT Strong: Project Manager and 2D Art
Isaac White: Lead Programer

Audio Credits:

Footsteps: bokal, “Walking in the wood”,
Uploaded Aug 13 2014; Retrieved Jan 24 2015

Laser Gun: Taira Komori, “arms-explosion>>shoot02”,
Uploaded Jan 24 2014; Retrieved Jan 24 2015

Boss Fight?: iamamoviefreak2, “alien_wreckage_exploration”, Uploaded Oct 30 2013, Retrieved Jan 24 2015

Explosion: roper1911, “Sci-fi weapon pack » shipboard_railgun”, Uploaded May 16 2012; Retrieved Jan 24 2015

Landing: sjnewton, “Book Slam”,
Uploaded Dec 03 2014; Retrieved Jan 24 2015

“Bass Disaster” & “Cerebral Solitude” Jayson Jennings
robot dj 6 Fellow Jammer at Saint Louis GGJ 2015

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