That Random Dungeon Crawler

That Random Dungeon Crawler is the most unimaginative name we could think of for a web-based party game where the goal is to progress through a dungeon of deadly bosses. A computer, which preferably is connected to a TV or projector, needs to navigate to the host URL in order to start a new game session. After a game has been created each player needs to navigate to the join URL using their smart phones or other web-capable devices. When the players have successfully joined a game, and the game has started, all information except player status will be displayed on the host computer, while the player status and possible player actions will be displayed on the device of each player. During each boss encounter the players need to work together by choosing the correct actions on their devices in order to beat the encounter.
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Noise Generator
Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Technology Notes: 
Python 3.4.2 FLASK library for Python jQuery Bootstrap
Installation Instructions: 

Installation Instructions

  1. Install Python 3.4.x
  2. Open cmd and run "{PATH_TO_PYTHON34}/scripts/pip.exe install flask"
    1. (Ignore Warnings)
  3. Run "python {PATH_TO_REPO}/" to start the web server.
  4. Open "http://{WEBSERVER_URL}/create_db" to create the database.
  5. Run "python {PATH_TO_REPO}/" to start the game process.
  6. Congratulations, the game is now ready to run.
  7. Go to "http://{WEBSERVER_URL}/host" to start a new game.

* If you are running this on your local machine {WEBSERVER_URL} will be "localhost:5000/"


Idea Guy(s)

Atle Havso
Lars Fagerbakke

Graphical Genius

Silje Fjortoft

Code Monkeys

Gjermund Ask
Martin Bakke
Lars Fagerbakke
Atle Havso
Benjamin Krause
Olav Ose

Unused Documentation

Martin Bakke

Game Stills: