Prison Broke

It's dark and a little bit scary outside of your prison cell, but you escaped with the help of your inmate and a file you found in a cake. What do you do now? There are still more steps to do to become free. Supidly you are still chained together. And the file is left in your cell. Player 1: Arrow Keys Player 2: W A S D Player 3: I J K L In der Dunkelheit hast du dich mit deinem Zellengenossen aus dem Fenster abgeseilt. Doch was nun? Es fehlen noch einige Schritte in die Freiheit. Blöderweise seid ihr jedoch aneinander gekettet. Player1: Pfeiltasten Player2: W A S D Player 3: I J K L Ziel: Entkommen
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Noise Generator
MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix
Technology Notes: 
Lua and Löve2D, Quickie and Hump, Git and Github
Installation Instructions: 




From Source:

Install Löve:

@Windows: Insert love.exe into your path

Extract source or clone from git

Goto Commandline, cd to source directory

@Windows: Execute: love.exe .

@Linux: $ love .

From Executable-Upload: (Windows 64bit only)

Unzip, start Prisonbroke.exe

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