Parasite Fight

Parasite Fight is a fleshy themed fast paced brawler game. As a four player game, your goal is to eliminate the 3 other players and achieve victory. First to three kills wins the match _ _ Controls (Xbox controller only): - Left Stick: Move - Right Stick: Aim - A: Jump - B: Switch weapon - RT/RB: Shoot _ _ Features: - Exploding gory freshness: Players explode with giblets and blood when eliminated. - Gruelling bloody visuals. - 4 player madness. - Destructive terrain. _ _ Some notes: - Needs to be in 1080p (1920*1080) for the terrain to work correctly. It's tied to screen resolution for us to style it like we wanted it instead of working on resolution dependant positioning. - WARNING: contains gore. - Xbox Controller is needed. _ _ Theme: "It's in your nature to destroy yourself". _ _ Who: Vin - Programmer Jake B - Sound design & animation Dan - Artist Jake T - Programmer _ _ Special thanks Andy for the Blood "water"
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MS Windows
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