P. P. Dash

P. P. Dash is a competitive 2-player rhythm game especially aimed at children and visually impaired persons. The game takes place in front of an apartment building.The first player knocks on some of the doors and the second player must open the same doors. Both characters are continuously moving from one door to the other so both players must act in rhythm. If the second player successfully opened the doors, the players exchange roles. Otherwise the first player wins.
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Eagle Ear
Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Technology Notes: 
Pure Javascript was used to develop the game, with the help of Ben Alman's console log wrapper and Firefox / Chrome's JS debugger. Blind programmers used screen readers on their code editor.
Installation Instructions: 

Run src/index.htm in your browser. Ensure that Javascript is activated. Click on the 1st link to play, there are also instructions in Japanese and in English. Enjoy with your friend!


chika-ba GGJ 2015 Team B

Masaaki Fukunaga (福永正明): Programming support
Long Nguyen Huu: Programming
Hiroto Morokuma (諸熊 浩人): Programming, audio
Yasuhiro Chida (千田泰宏): Promotional movie, audio
Haruka Kajikawa (梶川晴香): Animation, staff

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