No, Wait!

Your friend just walked into the caves. There's stories about those caves; that little kids used to disappear in them and a mushroom would sprout in their place... No, Wait! is a dark atmospheric first-person maze game using the Google Cardboard system. Players take the roll of Crystal trying to find her friend Shelby, who has wandered into a dark and dank cave system. Find her before she gets hurt or you get lost too!
Jam year: 
Android device
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Google Cardboard, Z-Brush, Autodesk Maya, Autodesk Mudbox, 3D Code, Adobe Photoshop, Android devices.

Mari Smith - Modeler and Texture Artist

Jamie Melendy - Modeler and Texture Artist

Crystal Murray - Rigger, Animator, Concept Artist

Beth Shaw - Rigger, Animator, Modeler

Victor Flores - Programmer

Dustin Bayer - Programmer

Kegan Chau - Sound Designer, Composer

Shelby Howard - Concept Artist, Banner Artist

Source files: