New Game-

You lead a team of once great heroes who saved the world from a dark fate, who must again fight against the forces of evil. However, years of easy-living and negligence have left them all terribly suited to the task before them, so it looks like there'll need to be some divine intervention. The game is a Turn Based Strategy, with the mechanical twist of all characters being immobile; the player must instead manipulate the map itself to reach their goals. Use Enter and WASD to navigate menus. Click on a map square to bring up an option menu. Map can be zoomed in/out with mouse wheel, and WASD will scroll map edges when outside of a menu. Incomplete due to power outages.
Jam year: 
MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix
Tools and Technologies: 
Installation Instructions: 

Project should be built in Processing 2.2.1

For best results, run in Present mode

Compatible with Linux, Mac OS, and Windows


Programming - David Olsen

Sound - David Olsen

Design - David & Lisa Olsen

Art - Lisa Olsen

Source files: