Monster coming

Boardgame. players: 3-6 playing time: 30 min Suggested Ages: 10 and up Monster Alert! Those Monster just come from nowhere, nobody knows why it just appear in our city, and the city is going to be out of control! All citizens are now in great panic! Fortunately, our mayor assembles a group of scientists; they are going to save the city by researching any possible weakness of monster, launching counterattack project, evacuating citizens, and build up a terminal weapon. Each card has 4 different functions. Players need to carefully take advantage of these functions; because whenever player take an action will also decide the route that monster will move in the future. However, the dark side of human is always the most dreadful part in every story of catastrophe. You are not just cooperating with each player in the game, you also need to be careful of being backstabbing by other players. Therefore, the city will be saved by you or not, it just depends on you! 深夜裡,怪獸來襲! 沒有人知道它從哪裡來,沒有人知道它為什麼會出現,城市陷入恐慌。市長召集一群科學家組成緊急應變中心。研究怪物弱點、發動攻擊、疏散群眾、組裝決戰武器。一張卡片四種功能,每次玩家的行動也同時決定怪獸移動路徑。節奏明快的手牌管理遊戲,團隊合作下隱藏著個人的私心算計,究竟大家能同心協力擊敗怪獸? 還是忙著勾心鬥角而放任怪獸摧毀城市?
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This is How it Feels
Non-digital game (board game, card game, physical game, sport, etc.)
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使用軟體工具SAI、PhotoShop與Adobe Illustrator編排繪製
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Boardgame. PDF files, Print and play.Plus 64 meeple(red 16, bule 16, yellow 16, green 16) and 3 dices(6 sided die) to play.

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