MixedFruit Instructions You'll have to complete the combination of fruits until you reach the final MIXED FRUIT TOTAL, generated randomly by the game Of the six fruits in the left you'll have to choose between them and drag them into the position you want. You can also create combinations of repeating fruits. Meaning of the colors When the background turns: Green:The fruit is in the mix and also it's on it's right position. Yellow:The fruit is in the mix but it's position is wrong Red: The fruit isn't in the mix
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MS Windows

About This software was developed by junior students from the University of Informatics Sciences Havana, Cuba for the 2015th Global Game Jam. Programming: Josue Carballo Baño([email protected]) Designers: Josue Carballo Baños Gustavo Hurtado Cristia([email protected]) Translator: Cesar Castro Aroche([email protected]) Direction and Original Idea: Wilder López Elias([email protected]) Open source software(GNU GPL)

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