Mini Civilization (or can be shorten as MiniCiv) is a short simulation game about simple activities that will change the characteristic of a civilization. The game starts during Stone Age. Several set activities can be done and each will increase (or decrease) several stats like Strength, Intelligence, or 1 secret stats. You will be given some energies to do those activities and when the energy is over, you will be transported to a new era of civilization. The activities available in the new civilization will be determined by the previous activities you've done. So, if in the Stone Age you only care about strengthening your civilization, in the new era you can only do activities related to strength or military, but if you concentrate only on Intelligence, the new era will be filled with things like library and education. A balance in the civilization is very important.
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Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Technology Notes: (Javascript)
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How to install / play Miniciv ?

  1. Download zip file
  2. Since this game using phaser, need a local http webserver, like zwamp or else
  3. Extract the zip into htdocs server's folder
  4. Open the folder via localhost on your browser 
  5. Play the game

or You can scroll down and click play button !


Cosmo's team :

  1. Dharma Kotama (Leads Game Programmer)
  2. Mohammad Fahmi (Game Designer)
  3. Clarissa (2D Artist)
  4. Kadek Andre Mahendra (Game Writer)
  5. Sudiartha
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