The Milkman

A group of teens are having party all night though. Then the milkman arrives at the door in the morning, and is accidentally killed by the teens. Now the party includes one dead milkman, and our 14 year old host freaks out. Now what? A point and click adventure for the whole family. Experience tense, unforgeting, moments as you try to get rid of the remains of the milkman before your parents come home!
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MS Windows, Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Technology Notes: 
Made in Flash....
Installation Instructions: 

Open up the zip file, then the folder, and in the "release" folder start "Milkman_TheGame.swf" to start the game. 


Anette Rana -  Overall design

Lars Erik Grambo - Programing

Jørgen Aarset - Animator and editor

Fredrik Wilhelm Fagereng -Animator and Character designer

Stian Røbergeng - Graphics

Vetle Bjørn Berlin - Script and support

Marius Jostein Mathisen - Sound/Music


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