mEcc is a local two-players game where the players have to cooperate to beat the game. The Sun has suddenly disappeared (what do we do now?!) because aliens stole it's energy. Now mEcc has to help Sun's spirit to regain it's energy, or the humanity will die. Player 1 controls a robot, mEcc, who holds a portable black hole, which he can use to transform light into energy, which he can transform into matter. He can also shoot light out of the black hole to light the environment. Player 2 controls sun's spirit that can move player, enemies and objects by dragging them with mouse. Players have to solve various puzzles and beat clever enemies to regain the lost energy that the Alien King Bak'kuga has eaten.
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Noise Generator
Relatively Speaking
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Graphics: Piskel, Paint.NET Adobe Photoshop. Audio: Logic Pro X, Adobe Audition CC.
Installation Instructions: 


Start mEcc.exe


Joni Anttila

-Programmer, Game Designer, Level Designer

Petteri Ellonen

-Programmer, Game Designer, Level Designer

Martti Gullström

-Programmer, Game Designer, Level Designer

Johan Lehto

-Game Designer, Audio

Jenni Lehtonen

-Graphics, Game Designer


Special thanks to

Ananda Gupta for awesome explosions asset

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