Maison Kanraku : The Second Climax

Genre: Post-Coital Tactical Espionage Action Tokyo, 2015 A.D. The First Climax is released / We are the Alpha and the Omega The world will never be the same… Maison Kanraku is a NEC PC-Engine style panty-throwing simulator. Experience the high resolution of thrown-away pixelated panties as they distract an army of conservative landladies and janitors.
Jam year: 
MS Windows, Xbox 360 or older
Technology Notes: 
Require XNA Framework 4.0
Installation Instructions: 
  1. Install XNA Framework 4.0 redistribution as specified on this website:
  2. Unzip the sources
  3. Build them!

Please note these sources were tested using Microsoft Visual Studio 2013


The Holy Tchatchaga Games Combo:
Loic Duboux (Sunnyside Games) – Lead Game Design / Level Design 
Nicolas Schluchter (Tchagata Games) – Lead Programmer
Matthieu Pellet (Tchagata Games) – Concept Art / Character Design
David Javet (Tchagata Games) – Level Design / Game Design

Gudi Guru (website) - Music
Seiko Annie Rubattel (Tchagata Games) – Backgrounds
Stéphanie Etienne – Interface

Game Stills: