Magic Bosstopia

It's like zelda only you kinda only kill bosses. Please read the INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS for actual details;; contact TheMonsterKing for bug reports its full of them. updated monday night wow
Jam year: 
Clueless Parents
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
GameMaker (any product)
Technology Notes: 
game maker is good for making games fast use it if you know the game maker language which requires practice
Installation Instructions: 

double-click the .exe file

WASD + BN for player 1
arrows + numpad 1 2  for player 2; press 1 to join in!
player 2 may also use an XBOX(tm(R)(micro$oft)(edgy)) controller to play
alt+enter for fullscreen

B/1/[X] attacks
N/2/[A] switches between available magicks or picks up a scroll on the ground if you'Re standing on it

this game is hard can you beat it??? probably not wow now you're getting rowdy but soon you will cry "this is unfairness!!" and blog about it; nerd

hailed by major news sites as the next dark souls 2:hd, Magic Bosstopia is a game where you fight bosses and get magical spells
there are more than 20 bosses and i bet you cant kill them all

this game can help kids teach their parents how to be good at games
this game represents our hometown and important adult figures of our childhood, such as Bull Baron and Friendly Plant



Renaud "The Monster King" Cormier: programming, the art that doesn't look good, boss functionality design

Francis "Frankiesmileshow" Coulombe: The art that looks good, level design and planning

Eric "Chef Boyardee" Shumaker: Exciting Soundtrack