The Little Lobbyist

You and your friends plan to go out this evening. You have an idea where you want to go and need to convince your friends to choose your favorite location. After meeting up and drinking some drinks the group decides where to go. You ask them: What do we do now? HOW TO PLAY: By engaging in dialogue, and mentioning certain topics to certain people, you try to influence the majority-decision of the group ... But beware, each member of the group has her or his preferences - and influences other members of the group, as modeled by the underlying hidden social graph.
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Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
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  • Art
    • Manfred Rohrer
    • Raphaela Klein
  • Programming
    • Stefan Reichenauer
    • Christian Paier
    • Matthias Frey
    • Ilija Simic
  • Music
    • Mathias Lux
  • Management
    • Marco Fruhwirth
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