A bird who lives in a lab one day discovers that her caretaker is gone and her cage has been left open. What does she do now? ---Controls--- Movement - Arrow Keys Jump - Space Jump then double jump and hold down space to glide!!
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

Download Lenore.zip


Extract the files


Click on Lenore.exe to play!


Lead Writer                                                        Writers

Steve Talaski                                                      Nigel Radford

Allison Ellington-Hall


Voice of the Doctor                                         Voice of Lenore

Nigel Radford                                                    Kathrine “Bird” Bradley


Voice Director                                                   Audio Director

Steve Talaski                                                     Paul Hummel III


Lead Programmers                                         Additional Programming

Peter Wyrostek                                                 Ramon Crayton

Matt Valdez                                                       Kathrine "Bird" Bradley                                                      


Level Designer/                                              Photography                                   2D Art

Environmental Artist                                   Jennifer Korman                    Kathrine "Bird" Bradley

Michael Burnside                                        


Character Design/Artist                                    Animation                                            Rigging

Brian Harrington                                               Sarah Rosen                                       MK. Jones          


Music by

Eric Matyas soundimage.org                       “Star Light”

“Mech Game Menu”


Various Sound Effects by

Users of freesound.org


Special Thanks To

Unity                                                    Opengameart.org                            Audacity

Blender                                               Zbrush                                                  Maya

Freeimages.com                              Sharecg.com

The Global Game Jam                    UMSL


And Everyone Who Plays This Game

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