The Last Stand

You play as hero's (and heroines) through the ages! You only have 1 bullet to take down your enemies, can you defeat them?
Jam year: 
Public Domain Class of 2015
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Made with Unity 4.6
Installation Instructions: 

Un-zip the files to a folder and run the .exe file!


!Once a level has been loaded!


Click on the screen to fire a bullet at that angle.

You only get 1 bullet.

Try to kill all enemies with 1 bullet.

Levels can be selected from the start, lose or win screens.


Matteo Roberts - Level & Game Design & Assets.

Viki Johnson - Character Design & Assets.

Oliver Curtis - Engine Management & C# Programming.

Mark Ashbourne - Sound Assets (Major thank you!)


(From Olly)

A special thanks to my team for putting up with me, I'm an Unreal engine guy who fancied a new challenge in another engine, this weekend has been fun!

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