About - story <br/> There are two native tribes on this small island. Each tribe has got it’s own outrageous totem god. The gods became angry with their people and started to demand decent contribution from their followers. The native peoples of two tribes have to compete with each other with eternal struggle to satisfy their god… or else die. Goal of the game It is a 2 p versus 2 p competitive cooperation multiplayer game. The goal of the game is to collect ALL 4 ancient green items ant bring them to each team’s totem god. The team which first collects all required items wins the match. Hints Players can punch each other - a player who gets punched receives time penalty - gets stunned for 1 sec. Players can steal enemy’s god items. There is no time limit for one match - the match ends only if one of the teams finishes to collect the items. Cooperation Players can choose different roles in this game - one can pick available items, the other can steal other team’s items or be aggressive and punch enemy to slow their way into victory. Controls Player character can conduct actions: Running - forward arrow Steer left - left arrow Steer right - right arrow Go backwards - back arrow Jump - space button Punch enemy - left mouse button Rotate camera - mouse
Jam year: 
MS Windows, Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Evaldas Aidukas - 2D/3D, game design

Andrius Kelbauskas - 2D design, GUI, concept art

Ignas Surgautas - 3D modelling

Danielius Vargonas - programming, sound

Simonas Grigalaitis - programming

Alius Sultanovas - 2D design

Adomas Vasiliauskas - producer, game design, sound

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