About team Joe, We are team Joe, and we participate in the Global Game Jam 2015. The four of us, Wiebe Marten Wijnja, René van Pelt, Remco van Buijtenen and Levente Sándor, all study Computing science at the University of Groningen. Our game, called 'Joe', is a two player game. Players take turns beating waves of creeps flying towards a planet on the centre of the screen. The player can walk round the planet and throw knives at the creeps. When a player is done with the wave, they are presented with a variety of power ups. The player can choose a power up freely, but is also confronted with negative effects they will have for their team mate. Resulting in a returning dilemma every wave again: Prepare for harder waves, or ease the situation for your partner. We've written Joe in Javascript using the Phaser framework. We chose to use JS because of the accessibility of the language, browsers these days are equipped with monstrously powerful Javascript engines and we really like people to actually be able to play our game.
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Web browser with special plugins or packaged apps
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Phaser js
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