It's cancer | What do we do now?

Synopsis: You are diagnosed with cancer... And it's very bad! You only have seconds to live. So, what do we do now? You step outside the hospital. How to spend your last minutes on earth? Do good? Or finally release all this anger that's eating you from the inside out. Gameplay: It's a two player game where one player controls an angel and the other player a demon. The goal is to take posession of the patient and do some final actions that will determine if he is going to heaven or hell. As a good person, you can give all your money to the people on the streets. As an evil piece of shit, you can release all your anger an punch everyody in the face.
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)

Andres Bucher

Anika Weber

Benjamin Andermatt

Joelle Tobler

Mathias Gmünder

Yannic Hungerbühler

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