This is a 2d top down shooter game. The player is caught in a nightmare that the only way he has to wake up is to beat his main dram, the nightmare has 4 layers of dreams. The main dream is about a zombie apocalypse because our character is a fan of the subject. In the main dream, the character need to get out of the town, for this, there is a car, but first he needs to find a list of items to turn it on, that are the keys, battery and some gas. As he is trapped in a nightmare, his dreams can change anytime between the 4 layers and the items are spreaded all over the 4 layers. He need to collect all the items as he travels between the dream's layers, and once he got all them, he can complete the tasks of the main dream and wake up from the nightmare. The layers are composed of 4 themes: Urban, Desert, Future and Hell, all of them have different enemies.
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MS Windows
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Ruby Gosu
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Open the folder and execute "main.exe"


Julian Ignacio Sansat

Wendell Holden Cortês

Renato Freire Soares

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