Imaginary Skip Rope

This is a game of Skip Rope played with four PlayStation Move controllers. Two people spin the rope using their controllers which have lights that are coloured blue (and then red), while two people in the middle compete against each other trying to jump over our imaginary rope. The rope is simulated on the computer and really exists in 3D space. If it collides with the players on the down swing then the players lose a point. At the end of twenty seconds the points are counted and the winner is declared. We think this is interesting because unlike traditional Skip Rope our game is a little more forgiving - there is a relatively low risk of injury, we could introduce dynamic balancing to give new players an advantage, you could play it remotely over the Internet, there's no right and wrong answer (you're not out when you get hit), and best of all, you use your imagination. What Do We Do Now? is our theme. As players on both sides of the rope - we become a little bit of the game engine - what do we do now? Do we play nice or do we go fast?
Jam year: 
Mac OS X
Installation Instructions: 

This program needs a Mac paired with PlayStation Move Controllers. 

Pair your MAC with 4x PlayStation Move controllers and just run the .app file executable.

Alternatively (and better) - get the source code from our GitHub account and build in XCode.


Written by Gavin Wood (Newcastle University) and John Shearer (Lincoln University) in about 24 hours after some initial brainstorming.

Additional thanks at the jam to Nicholas Harbour and Amber van der Rest.

Thanks to Thomas Perl and Contributors at for the PS Move API library allowing us to use PlayStation Move controllers on the Mac.