Ichi Ni San

Games have built in tutorials these days to tell you what to do. Where as the games of old let you work it out for yourself, with some clever level design (if you were lucky). What Do We Do Now? Makes me think of people playing these games an not really knowing what to do. So I've built a Nintendo Gameboy auto-running platformer with vague instructions. Giving you a mish mash of old and new styles. Make it through the increasingly difficult levels of pixel perfect jumping. For Nintendo Gameboy or Gameboy Color.
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Technology Notes: 
Nintendo Gameboy Rom created. Will need a Gameboy emulator to load and play. Or a Gameboy flash cart to play on the actual hardware. IchiNiSan.gb is the Game rom. Written in GBDK (Game Boy Development Kit) C compiler. Using GBTD (Game Boy Tile Designer) for graphics. Unfortunately it seems on real hardware and some emulators the game will crash when you die :( It works fine with Visualboy Advance, which is what I did most of my testing in.
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Use a Game Boy emulator or flash to a Game Boy Flash cart to play on actual hardware. IchiNiSan.gb


All code and grafx by QuangDX - Asobitech.

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