I Move Together

"What do we do now?" The players must ask this themselves continuously while playing this game, as they must agree on the direction to take at every single step. Otherwise their White Avatar will stand still and fall prey to the treacherous Red Hunters. Find 1 to 6 players, grab your pads, find a way to coordinate your moves (yelling, mostly) and try to get as many Green Gems as possible, while avoiding falling off the ground and being caught. As you go on, your playfield will fall apart and more enemies will fill the stage.
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Noise Generator
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
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Simply unzip the compressed folder anywhere on your pc and launch "imovetogether.exe".


Maurizio Tatafiore: design, code and 3D modeling.

Marco Giammetti: logo design and 2D artwork.

Luca Di Gennaro: music and sound effects.

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