Hat do we do now

Battle between spiders and moths! Spiders are trying to repair the hat and moths are trying to eat it. "Hat do we do now" is a multiplayer game which is controlled with mobile phones and projected in planetarium dome with Digistar 5 full-dome 3D projection system. Gameplay video: http://youtu.be/-h34ury8UN0
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Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash), Generic mobile platform, Other digital platform
Technology Notes: 
Digistar 5 system (planetarium) + javascript. Players connect to the game through web server.
Installation Instructions: 

This game is for the Digistar 5 full-dome 3D projection system.


Unzip to your Digistar installation root (where the D5Software and D5Content directories are). Should not replace any files, just add new ones. If you want to play it safe, instead of unzipping directly just copy the contents to the same folder structure as in the zip file.

Run D5Content\User\FGJ15\HatDoWeDoNow\HatDoWeDoNow.ds to start the game on the Digistar system.

Players can use their mobile devices to control the game by directing their browsers to the address 
It is a good idea to use QR codes or shortened url's for distributing the address.

The game currently has no security features whatsoever! Players could easily hack it to break your system. Use it at your own risk!



Marko Kärkelä
Tuomas Salmi

Eric Hartin

Tiina Heikkilä
Minna Moilanen


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