Gravity Good? Gravity Well!

Gameplay: Create planets to generate gravity fields that will allow your spaceship to survive your impeding doom. Delete planets to remove gravity fields and avoid crashing. Try to survive as long as possible while collecting stars for bonus points and additional deletes. Watch out for the edge of space -- it can also kill you. | Story: "All aboard the U.S.S. Planet-Creator! Futurism inspired luxury liner for all your big band needs. Next stop: the center of a star!" | "WHAT DO WE DO NOW?!" "What about creating planets to avoid our death -- at least for a few moments. Unfortunately, our ships power core was damaged and while creating planets is easy, removing them is not. Let's try collecting space dust to power our deletion generator. Either way, we need to survive at all costs!" | Controls: Left mouse click to create a planet. Right mouse click to delete a planet. Info: The longer you survive the more points you accumulate. However, you're limited to a certain number of points for every planet you place. Also, you can collect stars to gain more points and additional uses of deletion. The star, planets, and the edge of space can kill you. How high can you score?
Jam year: 
Relatively Speaking
Public Domain Class of 2015
Code for Good (Sponsored by Intel)
MS Windows, Web browser with special plugins or packaged apps
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Other Tools: Unity Asset Store (Cartoon FX Pack) | | Visual Studio Express | Notepad++ | GIMP | Paint.NET | Audacity |
Installation Instructions: 

Download the file. Run the *.exe file. Enjoy! (Note: Default resolution is at 1024x2048 -- therefore most monitors can't support it fully. The only change is that the left and right sides of the screen extend a bit beyond what you can see)


Adam Reifsneider

Stefan Lopuszanski

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