There is always a beginning. No matter what one's goal in life, no matter what path someone journeys, there is always a starting point. In the end, the best we can do is try to survive before our next generation tries to start again. This is Genesis. A survival micromanagement game where you support a civilization grow and take the next step, then the next step... and then the next? Participants of this world are simply clueless without the help of their spectating god(you!) and will starve, freeze, and die out if you don't tell them constantly what to do! Controls: Left-click: selecting Right-click (with a character selected): Move to target/location Hints: 1) There's ways to increase your population. 2) Characters of different age have different stats.
Jam year: 
Web browser with special plugins or packaged apps
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Name : Role

  • Nicholas Conlon : Programmer
  • Freddy Garcia : Programmer
  • Juliann Internicola : Artist