GameJam Adventure

Tiny little game, which tells a story of new gamedev, who has come to his first ever game jam, but not sure, how to prepare for it, what to do and what is the key for successful participation in such event :) After finding out those secret things about gamedevs, he takes dangerous trip to achieve that same power and skill boosts, that makes any gamedev strong! :D
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Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Technology Notes: 
Phaser2D HTML5 framework
Installation Instructions: 

As this game is made with HTML5 technology using JS, it requires only place on server, either real one, or virtual machine, which can be accessed via localhost in any browser.


All coding is done by me, Kaspars Ruva. Sounds comes from, from art assets, few of them are made by me, but most of them are more of less edited assets from all around the internet, so if you're planning to publish anything from this project, make your own art for it. :)

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