Free Brawlin'

Free Brawlin' is a 2 player fighting game where both players try to catch and hold on to a parachute. How to play: Try to get the parachute and activate it before the time ends. Avoid being hit by the enemy or obstacles, they will stun you and take away the parachute if you have it. The parachute can only be opened in the last 5 seconds of play. A yellow sign will appear on the upper right corner to let you know. To fight the air current below, you have to dash. That's the only way to reach the parachute. Keyboard Controls: Player RED: WASD to move, G to Punch or open parachute, H to Dash. Player BLUE: Arrow keys to move, 1 to Punch or open parachute, 2 to Dash. GAMEPAD: left stick to move, A to Dash, X to Punch or open parachute.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

Unzip the file.

Run the Unity Exe.

Select the resolution.



By alphabetical order:


Enzo Gaiero / Game Design & Production

Eva Correa / Programmer

Franco Zucchi / 2d Art and Animation

Jorge Tuset / 2d Art and Animation

Matías Chimbachian / 2d Art and Guitar

Maxi Correa / 3d Art

Renzo Rozza / Programmer

Rodrigo Arigón / Programmer

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