Food War 食之戰

這是一個食物陣營遊戲。 一間生意興隆的餐廳,近期卻發生了一個嚴重問題!來店人數逐漸下降,人們之間的風評越來越差,店長察覺不對勁,決定揪出敗壞店裡的員工,從一點細微的線索,慢慢將壞員工開除。 遊戲將分為兩個陣營,好店員與壞店員,藉由廚師出菜,店員丟出食材來決定料裡是否可以端上桌,兩方成功出菜次數較多者為優勝。遊戲中玩家要分辨到底與誰同陣營?是否要幫助這回合的廚師出菜成功?主謀到底是誰?其中還能使用功能卡來找到更多線索,也能幫助廚師出菜,或者妨礙失敗。 This is a food camp game. A thriving restaurant, recently has undergone a serious problem! To store the number decreased, wind assessment between people is getting worse, the manager noticed something wrong, the store decided to ferret out corrupt employees, from a subtle clues, and slowly the bad employees dismissed. The game will be divided into two camps, the good and the bad clerk clerk, cook the food by the clerk threw the ingredients to determine whether the material can be brought to the table where the two parties were successful out more frequently for the winning dish. Game players who want to tell in the end with the same camp? Do you want to help cook a dish this round success? Who is the mastermind in the end? Which also use the function cards to find more clues, but also to help cook the food, or impede failed.
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