The Experiment

The Experiment, is a 4 player puzzle game using 3d Assets. The object of the game is to cooperatively solve the puzzle using each of the unique abilities attributed to each player. Each of the 4 players has a single ability of either, create, destroy, push or levitate. These abilities may or may not have adverse reactions with each other!
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Noise Generator
Stephen Hawking Can Play This
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Playable on PC. Requires 4 xbox controllers hooked to a single computer. PS3 Controllers may work but have not been tested For best playability use 1280x960 with Graphics display on (Good) *please note* sound is slightly off after creating the final build.. tweeks need to be done
Installation Instructions: 

Access Folder TheExperimentFInalBuild.

Full build will be available.

Install both the data file and the .exe file in the same folder.


Start playing the game,

A = Jump

B= Action

X = Suicide

 Press at same time Right and Left Front bumper = Restart Level for All.



* Please note * 

hold jump and press left and right front bumper at same time to advance to next level for debugging purposes.




Executive Producer - Clint Bowman

Designer / Artist - Scott Griesberg

Designer - Grant Hannant

Artist - Siân McConchie

Programmer - Tim Schmidt


Sound by 

Michael Trott and Ade Vincent

Game Stills: