At the beginning of the game the player finds himself in a mysterious, unknown place, to which special rules apply. First Rule: Fear the darkness. You are not alone in here! Thank God you have a lamp with you, with which you can at least illuminate a small area of this strange environment. Down here, it may be your best friend. Second Rule: Pay attention to the sounds of your environment. This can help you to survive this nightmare. Whatever is trapped down here with you, it lurks on your movements just as you should pay attention to its movements! Third Rule: Some sources report about secret keys, which could be found at hidden places and may save your life. However, no one really knows who these sources are, and whether there are in fact those keys. Therefore, the third rule: You cannot get out of here. Fourth Rule: In your situation every rumor should be important enough to pursue it. Fifth Rule: Rules are there to be broken! It's your choice. What do we do now? =)
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine
Technology Notes: 
- Maya - Unreal Engine 4 - Photoshop - Quixel Suite - Perforce - Cubase
Installation Instructions: 

First Step:
Ensure, that Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013 is already installed on your running machine.
Otherwise you have to install this package first, because you won't be able to play our game Exeo without it.

Download Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013

Second Step:
Download the game

Third Step:
Unzip the game archive and click on the .exe data file, which you will find in there.

Last Step:
Play and have fun =)


Team: Since Idea Games

Raphael Wittgruber: Programmer, Game Designer

Tingyan Xu: Programmer

Max Heiermann: Programmer

André Graf: Lead Artist, 3D Asset Creation, Technical Artist, Game Designer

Johannes Link: 3D Asset Creation, Environment Artist, Technical Artist, Game Designer

Sherena Pick: 2D Artist, 3D Asset Creation, Texture Artist

Arkadiusz Kaminski: Texture Artist, 3D Asset Creation

Marvin Linden: Technical Artist

Thor Gunnar Mýrdal: Sound Designer, Composer

Source files: