An abstract interpretation of a "Don-Quixote"-esque journey taken by a main character after the final boss is defeated--the sudden relief of heavy stress felt by the hero/heroine creates a sudden and deep void taking an emotional toll, and must be filled. What to do now? If there are no enemies left, will the character's psyche create them itself? (Scoring by Andrew Mortega -- much thanks!)
Jam year: 
MS Windows, Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Technological masterpiece!
Installation Instructions: 

1. Extract

2. Are you using a PC or MAC?

3. Find the .exe for PC, or do the .app thing for MAC.

4. Enjoy! Use your time playing the game to meditate on your existential questions.



File endgame.m4v

Andrew R. Graves 

Transfer Student, former Architecture major from Oklahoma State University. Aspiring Level Designer. Aspiring Level Designer. Interested in pursuing the Masters in Animation. Profficient in Adobe PS, AE, currently learning Illustrator, Gimp, Processing, UE3, traditional draft and design techniques from Architecture.

Alex Baumann 

New to DePaul's Ms. Computer Science program after making a career switch from engineering. Here to have fun and create something interesting. Have some programing experience, but a guru in MS Paint :)

Amanda Dittami

Amanda Dittami is a Chicago-based game designer &&|| artist who focuses on expressive, interactive and creative experiences. After graduating from Columbia College Chicago in May 2012 with a BA in Game Design, she has worked as a game designer, writer, programmer, artist, project lead and more for the Field Museum, Art Works For Change and The University of Chicago. She currently works as a Game Design Lead && Audio Visual Production Supervisor at the Game Changer Chicago Design Lab.

Chris Regan

Senior student at DePaul, profficient in C++. Has skills in game engine programming and systems development. Likes playing first-person shooters and platformers. 

Matt Murphy

Hi, I am Matt! I am studying how to make games.

Omar Zohdi

I moved from Europe to Chicago 2 years ago to start my Masters in Computer Game Development. I've always been passionate about videogames. I'm a big fan story-driven games while I still enjoy Mechanical games that can be enjoyed with friends. I'm profficient in C++, C#, JavaScript, Java, Html5, Basic PS, Unity, GameMaker, Construct 2, Monogame. 

Viktor Moskalenko

Experienced C++ programmer and a recent grad from Columbia College Chicago. Supported the team morally! 


And a special thanks to Andrew Mortega for the amazing scoring which helped solidify and encompass the emotional presence of the game, and synergized with the art to create a medidative and immersive feel.

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