The Empty Nest

For 18 years or more, they're always there. Kids. Noisy, expensive, helpless kids. Your whole lives revolves around them - cooking, cleaning, driving them places, seeing their plays. And then one day, suddenly, they're gone. And you're alone. So very alone. What do you do when your entire life changes in a single day? ---- The Empty Nest is a visual novel about a single father suddenly losing his little gamers to the gaping maw of college and a child's quest to make Dad realize that she isn't a baby any more. ---- Made at the ~44 hour Global Game Jam, packed with all the content one expects from two people building a game from scratch over a weekend. If there's enough interest, we might continue to add exciting new content such as pictures and a plot and possibly even a way to win.
Jam year: 
Clueless Parents
Stephen Hawking Can Play This
MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix
Technology Notes: 
The Empty Nest is a visual novel made with Ren'Py. RenPy supports Windows, Mac and Linux. With a little work, it also supports Android.
Installation Instructions: 

i've never made a game with Ren'Py before so i don't know exactly know how to install it. But here's how i think it works:

1. Unzip the file somewhere (zip contains a folder that contains everything)

2. In the main directory should be files for running the app in Windows, Mac and Linuxes

3. i don't *think* you need anything else installed. i tested it on Windows so i can't make any promises.


Ren'Py is a visual novel engine written in Python and libsdl. If you want to put in a little work and have those things, you should be able to get this to run on Android.

i could have packaged all the art and sounds in an archive but i left the files as is. Should include both PNGs and PSDs. Most files are my personal photos, public domain photos and drawings my kids made but a few are screen shots from Gone Home because Gone Home is awesome.


baylor wetzel - story, programming, (downloading) art

Meghan Wendt helped get the story ideas in order and made it possible to get as much done in one weekend as actually got done.


The original version of this game was uploaded at the end of the game jam. In that version, 3 of the 6 endings had been completed. i spent another 12 hours the next day completing the text, "art" and "programming" and adding an endings gallery, so technically what's uploaded here took 56 hours.

Game Stills: