Element Boy

Español: Cosas curiosas les pasan a los que van al Global Game Jam... la historia de "Element Boy" es una de ellas. Basado en la Teoria de Einstein-Rosen, acompañanos en esta aventura!<br/> English: Strange things happen to them who go to the Global Game Jam ... the story of "Element Boy" is one of them. Based on the theory of Einstein-Rosen, join us on this adventure!
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Relatively Speaking
Android device
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Anime Studio Audacity



  • Alexey Urquizu (Programmer / Level Designer).
  • Dan Revilla (Illustrator / Graphic Designer).
  • Gerick Toro (2D Animator / Programmer).
  • Marcelo Vargas (Graphic Designer / 2D Animator).
  • Victor Sanjines (AI Programmer / 2D Physics).

Honorable Mention

God, parents and friends, for their patience and support.

thank Gessy, for dinner, breakfast and all the coffee.