Dungeons of Destiny

A top-down rogue-style puzzler set in the Dungeons of Destiny, where mysteriously, nothing is left to chance. The good news is that monsters move completely deterministically and predictably based on your own movements. The bad news is that you've forgotten your sword and one touch means death. Can you manipulate your foes into their own traps or make them fight each other instead of you to make it through each room?
Jam year: 
MS Windows, Mac OS X, Android device
Technology Notes: 
Using Loom from The Engine Company
Installation Instructions: 

See the included Readme file for details of required software.

You need the Loom SDK, and to build and run:

loom run osx

loom run windows

loom run --android


Brad Power - Programming, Design, Art

Emily Power - Design / Art

Alex Power - Design / Art

Stephanie Power - Creative Consultant

Thomas Power - Creative Consultant

Source files: