Demonicide is a simple free for all arena game involving five players. One of the player is using kinect to play as the Demon, a big scary creature with wings at the center of the colliseum. The four other players play as cultist fighters simply with controllers. The main goal of the game for the fighters is to gain enough power to kill the Demon, which (who?) tries to survive as long as possible. The cultists can use their sword, bow, or pickaxe to murder each other and gain power. Once one of them has enough power, he may try to slay the beast... unless another fighter prevents him to do so, or if he simply get crushed under one of the Demon's powerful meteor. The game shows nervous, strategic and quick gameplay, retro-style graphics, lovely music and fancy effects. The godwin team hopes you will have a good time slaying evil creatures, or will have a good time being slayed ! This game was made under 48 hours by the "Godwin" team, composed of three programmers, a sound designer and a graphical designer.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Requirements: - Windows 8 (64bit) - 4 Controllers (Xbox or others) - Kinect 2 for Windows - Kinect 2 drivers/runtime for Windows.
Installation Instructions: 

1 - Check if you are on Window 8 (64bit)
2 - Check if the runtime driver of the Kinect 2 are installerd:

3 - Check that the kinect is plugged in a USB 3 and is detected
4 - Plug your four controllers (X360 or others)
5 - Launch the Unity Launcher of Demonicide
6 - Try to isolate the kinect god user  of the controller users in the kinect view
(in aim to not interfers in the God player movements and in aim to avoid the kinect to switch user in the game)

7 - Enjoy !  :)


Sounds designed by Pierre Kowalski:

Programmation by:
- Louis Geuten
- Eloi Strée
- Michael Lievens

Graphics by:
- Justin Martin
- Michael Lievens
- Pierre Kowalski

Kinect Integration by:
- Eloi Strée

Game Stills: