Crazy Cabbies

Made by Andrei Iacob, Mihail Morosan, Christian Guckelsburger and Tom Cole at Essex University, UK. A taxi driving for 2-4 players. *EACH WHEEL IS CONTROLLED INDIVIDUALLY* i.e. you can have 2 players control 2 wheels each, 3 players where 1 player controls 2 wheels and the others control 1 wheel each or (ideally) 4 players where each player controls 1 wheel each! (purely for testing purposes, all wheels can be controlled by one player). ;-) *Follow the blue arrow to pickup fares *Follow the blue arrow to their destination and drop them off *Lose points for running over people. *Gain points for successful drop offs. *Get time extension for successful drop-off. Game is large and takes a few seconds to load. Please be patient.
Jam year: 
Noise Generator
MS Windows, Mac OS X, Web browser with special plugins or packaged apps
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Made in Unity 4.6.
Installation Instructions: 


Use .exe file.



Global Game Jam 2015 (What do we do now?)

Game made by Tom Cole, Christian Guckelsberger, Andrei Iacob, and Mihail Morosan.
Made at Essex University, UK, 23-25/01/15.


    Music - The Ka in Ska, Jack Crofty. Obtained from
    Sounds - Sound Bible, freesfx, ('big crash' by Northern Monkey, 'London' by Walter Odington).
Art assets (All Free Unity Assets Store):
    Block Building Pack v1.0 - CGY(Yemelyan K.)
    Destroyed City FREE v1.0 - Profi Developers
    Ground Textures Pack v1.0 - Nobiax/Yughues
    Idol v4.3.4 - Maksim Bugrimov
    Cars from Japanese Otaku City vdraft - Zenrin Co. Ltd.
    Low Poly City Block v1.0
    Make it a Brickwall v1.0 - Allegorithmic
    Props for Environmental Pack: Lite v1.2.1
    Simple Modular Street Kit v1.0 - Jacek Jankowski
    Terrain Assets v1.04 - Unity Technologies
    Default Character model - Unity Technologies
    blood spatter from
All code made by hand.

Game Stills: 
Source files: