Cosmic Kahuna

Cosmic Kahuna is a competitive endless surfer with a killer surf rock soundtrack, set in Wormhole Bay off the coast of Planet Kamehamehuna. Three bored space ape buddies, looking for something to do, hit the galactic waves to collect enough sand dollars for new space boards. Avoid asteroids as you try to collect sand dollars through waves of cosmic flotsam in the spacetime continuum, maaaaaaaaaan. Use the analog stick to move your space ape side to side and back and forth through the cosmic wormhole. Up to three apes can hit the waves at once.
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Stephen Hawking Can Play This
Relatively Speaking
MS Windows, Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Maya Google Docs Photoshop Dropbox Audacity github 3D Studio Max Blender
Installation Instructions: 

Cosmic Kahuna can be played with the Unity Web Player.

press Z to load a spaceape.

Use WASD to move left and right, back and forth on the keypad.

Set up USB controllers to play more than 1 player.


Zachary Barash - Story

Jessie Contour - Art

John Fio - Music

Sergio Garcia - Tech

Richard James - Design

Drew Kario - Art

Zahid Mahir - Tech

Jesse Mann - Design

Mark Schreckengost - Tech

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