As a game based on audio, convolution enhance the natural behaviour of sound inside ambients, making it an active element of the gameplay, in a clean, minimal and lonely ambient. The universal theme ''what are we going to do now" is presented inside the mood of the game: a total sense of loss and loneliness, guided only by our voice placed in different rooms. Every rooms present a totally different reality. In the future player will create their own rooms and share it with other players. -- MECHANICS Screams and movement. The player is submerged in very enlarged 3D environments, to reach the best environmental performance, his only actions beyond moving on just one floor, are regulated by the propagation of his voice which hits the objects which are on the map, the view of the player is in first person, the few objects which form the levels are needed to create the puzzles which will be the agents of opposition the player is going to deal with. The game begins in a room where the player can find a lot of dimensional portals which are activated by a sound, a scream in particular, that the character has to make happen through a button or by yelling in a microphone. Every portal projects the player in a room that is always different with various audio responses, the puzzles are realized with diverse materials, every material to which is thrown the sound will have a different behavior which will reflect on how the puzzle will be solved and then it will be possible to come back to the portal room. --
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Eagle Ear
MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Massimiliano Ariani - Game Designer

Christian Carvelli - Game Developer  

Dario Conti - Game Developer 

Riccardo Salin - Sound Designer

Alessio Mariani - CG Artist

Roberto Voilolà Digiglio - CG Artist







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