The College Party Experience

A game about the true experience of college party. Take part in a wild and crazy party in this one button action game. Everything is playable with the Space bar. You must survive the night, the dances, the drugs, the cops and the hangover. Good Luck ! For an unknown reason, the game don't get input on some computer. Sorry ! |SPOILER-BELOW| |SPOILER-BELOW| |SPOILER-BELOW| |SPOILER-BELOW| |SPOILER-BELOW| |SPOILER-BELOW| |SPOILER-BELOW| |SPOILER-BELOW| |SPOILER-BELOW| |SPOILER-BELOW| |SPOILER-BELOW| |SPOILER-BELOW| |SPOILER-BELOW| |SPOILER-BELOW| The Game is actually about boredom and disappointment. We tried to make players bored without them quitting for as long as possible. Boredom is a feeling often underestimate in our stressful world, but essential to creativity and well-being. We wanted to offer a safe space to experience this feeling.
Jam year: 
Stephen Hawking Can Play This
MS Windows, Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Technology Notes: 
Processing, Inkscape, Photoshop CS4, Pro Tools, Adobe Audition CS5, REAPER

Game Design : Jean-Phénix De

Programming : Florian Gouret

Graphism : Jean Nicolas

Sound Design : Florian Renaudeau

Music : Matthieu Aussal and Kate Nugget


Special Thanks to APOIL and GGJ