Collective Karma

[HOW TO PLAY] Just click on the decisions. Simple as that! [ABOUT THIS GAME] This game is about making moral choices. At the end of each decision you're informed about the percentage of people who selected each choice, aka COLLECTIVE KARMA.
Jam year: 
Stephen Hawking Can Play This
Code for Good (Sponsored by Intel)
Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Technology Notes: 
Even though we love making stuff we're limited by our 48 hours. We used: Parse, to store our data (; TheaterJS, for our text typing (; RequireJS, to manage dependencies (http://; jQuery, for our sanity (; lodash, also for our sanity (
Installation Instructions: 

Just click on the "Play Now!" link at the bottom of this page.
Google Chrome is recommended for a better experience.


This game and SoloAdventureEngine were made by:
- Guilherme Ventura;
- Gustavo Dort;
- Raoni Campos.

GGJ2015 Theme is "What do we do now?".
It is a question, so we decided our game wouldn't provide definite answers.
We also thought that it would be more interesting to approach the theme in two ways:
- What are we doing currently, in our choices?;
- What are we going to do now to make the world a better place for the future?.
Well, you can see there are a lot of questions and not much about answers. It's up to you to find them.

Heraclitus once said: "No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man". Each time you play our game you are a different person as well as the river, or collective karma in this case, is different. Instead of labeling each individual as the "never-give-money-to-beggars-kind-of-person" or the "goody-two-shoes-kind-of-guy", we decided to treat each player as a brand new person. You're more than welcome to change your mind and play again to see the different outcomes. Actually we encourage you to do so, if you feel like it! And also we hope you think about the choices and situations in this game for it's not in our position to shove to people's faces what's right or wrong.

The 3 of us knew in a week in advance we would be jamming together. Because of that we were able to decide a few things that would save us time:
- It'd be a text-based adventure;
- In HTML5/CSS/Javascript, because it's out of our comfort zone (we're all C# and Java programmers);
- Avoid using text-based adventure tools, for half the fun is making the system (again, we're programmers).
We decided to stick to the "phosphor screen theme" because we love that look. And we also love Fallout!

If you wanna check out the updated version of our game, go to:

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