The Chronicles Of Yorika

An online multiplayer adventure game in which each player has a different role. You are going to need each other to solve obstacles along the way, but only have one way of communicating. The art, mechanics and feel of The Chronicles Of Yorika make it your perfect mix between games like Journey, Minecraft and Animal Crossing!
Jam year: 
Noise Generator
MS Windows, Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
- Realtime multiplayer (public and local)
Installation Instructions: 

Currently the storyline is finished for about 50% and is playable until after the "boulders"-part. It should give you a good 20 minutes of play-time depending on the pace you play it at. You can play further but it might look "empty". Story progress will be updated with every new build version.

IMPORTANT: To host a server make sure to open port 25000 - providing a custom port will be supported in later builds


- Download ("") from either this page or alternative location
- Unzip the downloaded file

- Run "The Chronicles Of Yorika.exe"
- Select the desired resolution and quality
- Profit!


- Download ("") from either this page or alternative location
- Unzip the downloaded file 
- Move the "The Chronicles Of" to your programs
- Open it and select the desired resolution and quality
- Profit!

Release notes:

v 0.0.4:

- Small bugfixes

v 0.0.3:

- Implemented automatic version update notification
- New menu graphics
- Bug fixes in networking
- Better server listing (incl. catching version mismatch)
- Increased walkspeed by 33%
- New "settings" menu
- Added in-game "pause" menu

v 0.0.2:

- Added server list functionality
- New main menu layout
- Bug fixes

V 0.0.1:
- initial alpha release

Known issues:

- "Quick join" functionality does not work (yet)
- TNT does not always explode > picking it up and dropping again should work
- Placing a plank at the bridge does not remove the held plank
- Trees are floating in second area



Rebecca Bertram

Gydo Vossebeld

Tim Moelard

Peter Heinen

Stefan Leushuis

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