Chatula - The Cheese Defender

Chatula (Hebrew for female cat, Jerusalemite for any type of cat) the cat, has to defend her cheese from the greedy mouse, using her deadly laser beam. The game: The player plays "Chatula" from first person view,the objective is to find and shoot the mousy cheese thief. The player wears the Cat helmet, with cat ears, pico projector and a 9 DOF orientation sensor. Only the player narrow perspective projected on the room walls,reminds spot of flash light. The player search the walls and aim to the mouse by looking at it. The shooting done by clicking custom arcade buttons on controller holding with hands. Don't let the mouse steal the Cheese !
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MS Windows
Technology Notes: 
TouchDesigner Kinect v2 YEI Sensor

Thanks to:
Gideon Rimmer, Or Avrahamy, Niv Touboul, Michael Fink and Amichai Naveh Marmor

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