Castle Defenders !

Castle Defenders is a 4 players local coop game. Players must defend their castle against may waves of ennemies. This game is divided in 2 phases : 1 - Players defend the castle against waves of ennemies. 2 - Players are divided in two random camps and turn against each other. Levels are in two parts, the top of the castle where players can trigger traps and the ground on which the rest of the team must fight with their own skills. The firs phase is animated with swaping events, two players are randomly choose to be swapped each other. That way, the game gives to players new possibilities in this genre of coop game. How to : Left joystick : move Right joystick : turn around and primary attack RB + Right joystick : special attack A button when close of a trap : trigger the trap
Jam year: 
Noise Generator
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

You must have 4 Xbox 360 controllers to play this game.


Christopher Cimbaro,
Pierrick Goujet,
Sarah Schneider,
Jordane Celet,
Philippe Cervoni,
John Lucas Williamson,
Lucas Hollville,
Thomas Tu,
Geoffrey Le Ray,

And all the others teams which supported us during this fantastic week-end !

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