In BrainPhart you play a series of different levels. Each level has you wondering: "What do we do now?" Objectives changes, controls schemes will be randomized and the levels will fool you as best as they can. Enjoy! Made by: Jelle van der Zwaard Peter Klooster Conrad Stroebel Jeroen van den Hoogen Darko Ignjatovic Jim Hendriks
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Game is controlled by XBOX 360 controllers for PC. For ultimate experience of the game, connect 4 controllers and play with 4 people. Also, there are 54 levels in total but you only play 20 levels each play session so make sure to play it through and through multiple times to play all the levels.


A Global Game Jam 2015 game. 

Created at the NHTV site in Breda. 


Team Lead:

  - Jim Hendriks


  - Peter Klooster

  - Jelle van der Zwaard


  - Darko Ignjatovic


  - Conrad Stroebel

  - Jeroen van den Hoogen

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